Posted by: jesshistory2 | October 29, 2009

Genealogy and History Thoughts – Column Twelve

I do not know about other genealogy bloggers, but lately, I’ve become a bit hesitant to post on any memories of living relatives.

I guess the best example at the moment is my Great Depression post. I could have included some of my grandparents’ memories, but I just felt that that would be violating their privacy. I’m not sure if they would want to find their memories posted on the internet, so I just decided to play it safe and write in general terms. I’ve also written in mostly generic terms about my ancestors since the whole Internet Biography Database fiasco. I’m still uncomfortable with the thought that a genealogy company could take my words and call them their own. So, in order to prevent that, I’ve come to the decision to include as few indentifying details as possible. (Plus, one could possibly run into copyright violations if one is quoting or using information from another source.)

Still, I wonder how much should a genealogy blogger post on his or her family or ancestors. How much is too much? I really don’t have the answer to this question. Has anyone come across this issue before? How did you resolve this problem? How much is too much?

As always, you can leave a comment with your thoughts and feelings.

Originally posted on February 17, 2008.


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