Posted by: jesshistory2 | October 14, 2009

Local History and Genealogy Blogs

Earlier today, Terry Thornton put out a challenge for genealogy bloggers to list local history and genealogy blogs, and I’ve decided to participate. So, here are my recommendations:

  • Sandusky History – This blog focuses on the history of Sandusky, Ohio and is maintained by the Sandusky Library Archives. I realize that this blog is not from my local area, but I’m including it as my family has a cottage about a half-hour’s drive west of Sandusky. So, I guess it would be considered local, as I consider the area a second home.
  • Westport (Massachusetts) History – I am not sure if this site is a blog, but it is the site for the historical society of Westport, Massachusetts.
  • Ancestor Research Log – This a genealogy blog maintained by the public library of Plymouth, Michigan. The blog mostly covers genealogy news and information on genealogy sources, especially on Michigan sources.
  • Pieces of Wild Rose, WI Area Genealogy and My Own – The focus of this blog is on doing genealogical research in the area of Wild Rose, Wisconsin.

At the moment I can’t think of anymore blogs. I know I more listed on the lower left side of the page. I have just mentioned blogs that were mainly from the Great Lakes area. Any suggestions for other history or genealogy blogs are always welcome.

Update 1/16 at 11:15pm: Correction – I misstated when I said it was Terry who put out the challenge. It was Denise Olson who actually posted the challenge. I’m sorry for any confusion that I might have caused.

Originally posted on January 16, 2008.


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