Posted by: jesshistory2 | October 11, 2009

Genealogy Article on Pennsylvania Records …

A couple of days ago, I noticed that Randy Seaver posted an article on Pennsylvania records. I have been busy lately, so I did not have a chance to post on this article earlier.

Of course, I read this article with interest, as I have at least three major lines that come from Pennsylvania. The only problem for me is that my ancestors lived in Pennsylvania before the state began to collect vital records. All of them died before death records were instituted, so I don’t have death certificates to look at. The only records on death that I would find are probate records, church records, or newspaper death notices/obituaries. My biggest problem at the moment is trying to determine the church or churches that my ancestors attended. So far, I have not been successful in determining which ones those churches are. Another road block to my research is that I do not live in Pennsylvania, and so far, I have only been able to do my research from outside of the state. I have not researched in Pennsylvania yet.

But I digress, as the article was not on records before recording was instituted. This article was on the efforts of other researchers to get Pennsylvania to allow for wider access to its vital records, especially in the form of death certificates. The article ended with the suggestion that researchers write to the Governor and state Representatives about changing the law. Even though most of my research will deal with records pre-1906, I probably should write a letter when I have the time to do so.

Also, on another note, I just want to mention that Lisa at Small-Leaved Shamrock also wrote an article about this issue back in December.

Originally posted on January 9, 2008.



  1. Hi jesshistory2


    Tell me who you are looking for in PA and I will see if I can be of any help.

    I am in GA but quite a few of my people came from PA. Most are in the 1750 time frame moving out of PA to VA, NC, SC and GA.

    Tell me as much as you can about the one person you most want to find their parents, I will see if I can pick up on them.


  2. Forgot I was on the net and not email.

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