Posted by: jesshistory2 | October 9, 2009

Yesterday …

I hope everyone had good New Year’s Day yesterday. I couldn’t help but notice Jasia’s article about the snow that she got over New Year’s Eve, so I decided to write about my New Year’s Day.

As most of you have probably figured out by now, I live in Michigan. I don’t think I need to mention that a snow storm passed over Michigan the night before yesterday. Anyhow, where I’m staying at the moment, about 12 inches of snow fell over that night. The storm was pretty bad, so much so, that we ended up having several guests spend the night, since it was too dangerous to drive. Of course, that’s not all …

We also lost power at our house some time between and eight and nine the morning of New Year’s Day. A power line fell down somewhere in the area that we lived. So, we were out of power until about 7:30 that night. So, in all, it was a pretty interesting day. … And this morning, I woke up to see that another 2 to 3 inches had fallen last night. Ah, snow …

Originally posted on January 2, 2008.


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