Posted by: jesshistory2 | September 30, 2009

Added A New Poll

After the results from the last poll indicated that most of the respondents’ ancestors came from Europe, I decided to add a new poll. The question for this poll is: What Area of Europe Did Your Ancestors Come From? The choices are:

  • Western
  • Central
  • Eastern/Russia
  • Southern

You can choose more than one category.

I chose to divide Europe into four sections to keep the poll categories simple. I do plan on having polls on this blogs in the future that go more in detail as to which countries, but for the moment, I just want to keep it simple.

On a side note: This post happens to be my 100th post, and I have started posting on this blog since mid-March of this year. Can you imagine that?

Originally posted on October 5, 2007.


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