Posted by: jesshistory2 | September 25, 2009

Michigan Genealogy book

I realize I haven’t posted very much on genealogy, so I have decided to begin a annual posting series on Michigan genealogy. Why Michigan? Most of my experience in doing genealogical research originated from doing research in Michigan. I am primarily familiar with Michigan records. Before I begin, though, I want to mention a genealogy book. Carol Mc Ginnis’ Michigan Genealogy: Sources and Resources, Second edition (Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.: Baltimore, MD, 2005), is a genealogy guide to starting genealogy research in Michigan. In addition to listing possibly records to research, she also lists other important information such as when Michigan took state censuses and when Michigan passed laws on vital records, especially when marriage laws were changed or amended. It is quite invaluable for doing research in Michigan, especially when you are trying to determine when a person could legally get married without needing parental consent.

In future posts, I will post more on doing genealogical research in Michigan and on my experiences.

Originally posted on June 2, 2007.


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